Industries We Serve

Modern Asset Management has forged a reputation for uncompromised service in developing tailor-made capital solutions for our clients.

Our clients primarily include retail & service businesses seeking Point-of-Sale (“POS”) financing for customers – or, businesses (like, retail merchants & healthcare providers) originating receivables payable on terms by their customers.

We play the role of a Primary Funding Source, or Secondary/Tertiary Source in the “credit waterfall”, found inside larger businesses who may work with multiple finance companies, (like CareCredit as a Primary & Modern Asset Management as a Secondary Source, for example).

We build turn-key solutions designed for your business or practice, to fit our clients’ needs 100%: Whether this bundles our entire array of services together – or uses only what matches a specific need – nothing extra.

Markets & Industries our Services Serve:

  • Healthcare: Weight-Loss Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dental, Insurance Co-Pays
  • Retail: Goods & Services (>$1,000), Car/RV/ATV Purchasing & Leasing (<$25,000),
  • Rent-to-Own: Financing All Industries ($1,000-$25,000)
  • Business-to-Business Installment Contract Financing (e.g., Insurance Premiums)
  • Direct To Business – Equipment Lease or Working Capital – Direct To Business & More

All our clients have the opportunity to profit from more customers & more sales. We believe in full transparency, relationship longevity, and winning deal structures to be the pillars in our success as a company long-term.

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