Medical Providers

Do you want to grow your practice? Typical factoring and finance companies target high credit score/low risk patients. This leaves most of your patients without the ability to finance their needed procedures. Do you want to help them and grow your business risk free at the same time?

We offer custom Retail Installment Seller Agreements tailored to your practice. Our process is simple. Your staff or website presents a credit application to the patient. You collect the appropriate down payment based on your practice’s general credit profile and risk tolerance. We are very experienced working with borrowers with sub 500 FICO scores.
Our company processes the credit application and underwrites to our mutually agreed criteria. Approved loans are executed between you and your patient. Once first payment is made, we buy the installment contract and take over from there.
You get paid up front and we collect the payments over time that fit the patient’s ability to pay.

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